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Brand: Fashion Model: ANDN-70
The November birthstone, citrine, evokes sunshine, each randomly cut stone linked in three scintillating strands. Lapis lazuli brings the blue of summer skies to this exquisite necklace.Type :      Necklace Material:   sterling silver 925Stone:   &..
755.00 AED
Brand: Fashion Model: ANDN-65
Presents the pristine purity of pearls in this exquisite necklace. Embraced by sterling silver petals, the gems form lovely flowers.Type :      Necklace Material:  Sterling Silver 925Stone:      PearlColor:       White ..
649.00 AED
Brand: Fashion Model: ANDN-44
Showcases the hypnotic blue allure of turquoise in the design of this choker. Crafted with sterling silver, its minimalist style complements the gem's colorful magnificence.Type :     Pendant Necklace Material:  sterling silver 925Stone:      ..
590.00 AED
Brand: Fashion Model: ANDN-09
Draws on thousands of years of Indian tradition for this extraordinary design. Working in silver, she crafts a pendant that recalls ancient Mughal queens. It dances on a sleek, modern chain that glows with beauty of natural onyx.Type :     Pendant Necklace Material:  ..
589.00 AED
Brand: Fashion Model: ANM-09
499.00 AED 800.00 AED
Brand: Fashion Model: ANDN-43
The hypnotic blue allure of turquoise in the design of this choker. Crafted with sterling silver, its minimalist style complements the gem's colorful magnificence. Type :      Necklace Material:  sterling silver 925Stone:      La..
495.00 AED
Brand: Fashion Model: ANDN-28
Pearls form a radiant halo that complements lapis lazuli's deep blue mystery. Set in silver, the opulent necklace evokes succulent tropical fruit.Type :      Necklace Material:  sterling silver 925Stone:      Pearl & Lapis Lazzul..
445.00 AED
Brand: Fashion Model: ANDN-69
Like gifts from paradise, amethyst, the birthstone of February, brings its deep violet magic to a necklace,Separated by sterling spheres, flat rectangles encircle the neck in two lovely strands. Type :      Strand Necklace Material:  Gem Stones&nbs..
445.00 AED
Brand: Fashion Model: ANDN-37
The rich blue intensity of lapis lazuli in a beautiful necklace. It is crafted by hand with beads in different shapes and sizes. The pendant features an ornate sterling setting.Type :     Pendant Necklace Material:  sterling silver 925Stone:     &n..
425.00 AED
Brand: Fashion Model: ANDN-06
Silver frangipani blooms in a sterling bouquet, their beauty intensified by blue topaz and a dyed pink pearl.This exquisite necklace is delightfully contemporary.The topaz gems total 6 carats. Type :     Pendant Necklace Material:  sterling silver 925 ..
399.00 AED
Brand: Fashion Model: ANDN-27
This opulent necklace exemplifies modern elegance. She designs it to showcase precious teardrop amethysts, the February´s birthstone, that total 12.5 carats.Type :       Necklace Material:  sterling silver 925Stone:      Amethyst..
390.00 AED
Brand: Fashion Model: ANDN-29
Red garnet diamonds, the birthstone of January, hold scarlet teardrops, their crimson charisma enhanced by silver settings. Suspended on a sterling chain, they grace a regal waterfall necklace designed.Type :      Necklace Material:  sterling silver 925..
357.00 AED
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