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Brown Vibrant Jaipur Fair Trade Artisan Crafted Carnelian Earrings ANDE-22

The vibrant beauty of carnelian, the July birthstone, in the design of these earrings.  Type..

69.00 AED

Brown Sunshine Daze Sterling Silver Jewelry Dangle Earrings ANDE-52

Dazzling suns with citrine hearts captivate with mesmerizing beauty. The faceted gems, which represe..

135.00 AED

Brown Pure Passion Pearl and Garnet Sterling Silve Dangle Earrings ANDE-59

Gleaming silver settings embrace the passion of garnet while pearl suggests a pure love.We tran..

135.00 AED

Brown Carnelian Dangle Earrings ANDS -02

Faceted disks of radiant carnelian enclose the colors of sunset. Carnelian represents July´s birthst..

79.00 AED

Brown Artisan Desire Jewelry with Carnelian and Sterling Silver Earrings ANDE-11

Enclosing the flames of desire, carnelian glows with unabashed passion. Embraced in argent arms, the..

149.00 AED

Blue Spark Lapis Lazuli Silver Artisan Dangle Earrings ANDE-20

The September birthstone, lapis lazuli, is sublime in earrings. Type :     Earrings ..

99.00 AED

Blue Mystique Hand Crafted Sterling Silver and Lapis Lazuli Earrings ANDE-12

The september birthstone, lapis lazuli, emanates a deep blue mystique, showcased in argent settings...

199.00 AED

Blue Mystic Passion Artisan Crafted Amethyst Dangle Earrings ANDE-38

Anusara combines the fresh glow of peridot and citrine with the mystical beauty of amethyst for the ..

129.00 AED

Blue Lily Lapis Lazuli Dangle Earrings ANDE 1

Thought to purify the soul, lapis lazuli is a mesmerizing gem. It also represents September´s births..

99.00 AED

Blue Kerala Princess Sterling Silver and Amethyst Dangle Earrings ANDE-47

Amethyst, the birthstone of February, brings its violet allure to earrings of distinction.Handcrafte..

139.00 AED

Blue Karma Handcrafted Opal and Pearl Dangle Earrings ANDE-44

Precious white pearls dance beneath ovals of rich blue opal. Handcrafted of sterling silver, these e..

149.00 AED

Blue Inspiration Lapis Lazuli and Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings ANDE-21

Ancient cultures prized lapis lazuli over gold and to the Egyptians it symbolized Truth.Lapis l..

139.00 AED

Blue Heavenly India Handmade Chalcedony Earrings ANDE-24

Sleek,blue and beautiful, heavenly blue chalcedony distinguishes elegant earrings. Type :   ..

99.00 AED

Blue Flow Multi-Gemstone Sterling Silver Earrings Chakra Jewelry Earrings ANDE-04

Thought to purify the soul, lapis lazuli is a mesmerizing gem. It also represents September´s births..

99.00 AED

Blue Balinese Jackfruit Blue Topaz and Sterling Silve Dangle Earrings ANDE-42

Evoking Balinese jackfruit Seeds nest amid shining ropes while blue topaz gems totaling 7 carat..

129.00 AED

Blue Balinese Bay Leaf Sterling Silver and Reconstituted Turquoise Earrings ANDE-19

A garland of silvery bay leaves surrounds a blue-green teardrop dangle earrings. Type : &nbs..

139.00 AED

Blue Andean Clovers Three Leaf Gemstone Clovers in Sterling Silver Earrings-03

the artist combines three beautiful Peruvian gemstones for the design of these clover earrings. Chry..

119.00 AED

Balinese Goddess Sterling Silver and Purple Amethyst Dangle Earrings ANDE-46

Forever intertwined, sterling arabesques embrace 4.5 carats of sparkling amethyst, which represents ..

189.00 AED

Kyanite and agate dangle earrings ANDE-67

Blue globes of kyanite meet spheres of sleek black agate. Crafted by hand   Type :  ..

99.00 AED