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Brand: Fashion Model: ANDE-59
Gleaming silver settings embrace the passion of garnet while pearl suggests a pure love.We translates traditional Indonesian styling into contemporary earrings. The garnets total 2.1 radiant carats.Type :     EarringsMaterial:  sterling silver 925Stone: &nbs..
135.00 AED
Brand: Fashion Model: ANDE-51
Modern earrings reveal their heritage in traditional Indian design. Finely crafted of sterling silver, they embrace cool blue chalcedony.Type :     EarringsMaterial:  sterling silver 925Stone:      ChalcedonyColor:       Sky ..
129.00 AED
Brand: Fashion Model: ANDE-38
Anusara combines the fresh glow of peridot and citrine with the mystical beauty of amethyst for the design of this pair of earrings.The earrings feature sterling silver hooks.Type :     EarringsMaterial:  sterling silver 925Stone:      Amethyst..
129.00 AED
Brand: Fashion Model: ANDE-42
Evoking Balinese jackfruit Seeds nest amid shining ropes while blue topaz gems totaling 7 carats represent the fruit.Type :      EarringsMaterial:  sterling silver 925Stone:      TopazColor:       BlueProduction Cou..
129.00 AED
Brand: Fashion Model: ANDE-14
Like droplets hanging from argent crosses, these earrings accessorize with unique elegance. Wayan Asmana designs the fascinating illusion. The earrings are crafted of sterling silver and encase the ephemeral beauty of turquoise.Type :      EarringsMaterial:  sterling..
125.00 AED
Brand: Fashion Model: ANDE-58
Gleaming ribbons perform graceful pirouettes in a design.Meticulously crafted of sterling silver, these earrings are delightfully modern.Type :      EarringsMaterial:  sterling silver 925Color:       SilverProduction Country: ThailandM..
119.00 AED
Brand: Fashion Model: ANDE-03
the artist combines three beautiful Peruvian gemstones for the design of these clover earrings. Chrysocolla is accompanied by enhanced amazonite and jasper in sterling silver earrings underscored.Type :       EarringsMaterial:   sterling silver 925Stone:   &..
119.00 AED
Brand: Fashion Model: ANDE-68
Natural malachite reveals illuminated paths in earrings from HJ. Set in silver, the verdant gemstones are mesmerizing. Type :                      EarringsMaterial:                  &..
99.00 AED
Brand: Fashion Model: ANDE-37
Whirling in a sterling hug, silver ribbons evoke a love tornado original earring design.Type :     EarringsMaterial:  sterling silver 925Design:    TornadoColor:       WhiteProduction Country: ThailandMeasurements: 1..
99.00 AED
Brand: Fashion Model: ANDE-39
Lacy cutout motifs add beauty to exquisite earrings.Type :     EarringsMaterial:  sterling silver 925Stone:      CrossColor:       WhiteProduction Country: ThailandMeasurements: 1.6" L  x 0.8" WDes..
99.00 AED
Brand: Fashion Model: ANDE-70
HJ designs and crafts fascinating earrings of rose quartz. The gemstone globes dance on sterling silver wires.Type :      EarringsMaterial:  925 Sterling silver       Production Country:Thailand Measurements: 1.2" L x 3.9" WW..
99.00 AED
Brand: Fashion Model: ANDE-69
HJ designs and crafts fascinating earrings of cool blue kyanite. The gemstone globes dance on sterling silver wires Type :                      EarringsMaterial:                  ..
99.00 AED
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